NOTE: This is a small selection of work from a long term project that I am still shooting. I am also currently editing work from the last 12 months. More soon info coming soon. 

In February 2013 I travelled to western Ukraine following a distant thread of family history. I arrived in the sleeper town of Kalush, the birthplace of my grandmother, who at the time was nearing the end of her life as the result of Alzheimer’s disease.

With my grandmother’s early life as a displaced person in mind I began exploring the city and surrounding areas. Working alone and without being able to speak the language I slowly formed relationships and connections with residents during a series of trips over the course of 18 months, eventually encompassing regions across east and west Ukraine. 

A Row of Bones became a naturally evolving piece of work and a portrait of Ukraine during rising political tensions, the peak of revolution and the descent into war.